Rules & Regulations

  1. The contestant should be a citizen or legal resident of India or born in India.
  2. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained after the final judging.
  3. Money once paid will not be refunded along with the entry form registration fees Rs. 2000/-
  4. The organizers are not responsible for any loss or physical injury that occurs to the applicant an account of their participation in the event.
    The applicant will participate at her own risk & responsibility.
  5. In the event, if any dispute happens, the organizer’s decisions are final and binding on the contestant. Deadlines are determined by the number of entries. The decision of the judges is final.
  6. WOW, wings for dreams may disclose any information provided by a contestant to any person or purpose.
  7. The contestant is not a party to any contract written or verbal with any person, from business public relations firm, publish charity or corporation concerning any present title. She holds or may not hold if the contestant made any commitments for the future regarding any such titles.
  8. During their resign all titleholders, subtitle holders agree to be loyal to wow wings for dreams and give their time and energy to their pageant title. This is the titleholder’s main pageant related priority and that titleholder will not promote verbally in writing or any social media any other pageant title or pageant team.
  9. The contestant understands all responsibility for payment of fees. The contestant agrees to book reservations and stay at the host hotel or venue during the dates of the state pageant. The regional/state round expenses (travel/stay/food/makeup/grooming/photoshoot etc.) will have to be born by the participant. The hotel room will provide to the participant on a sharing basis and for the fixed period decided by the organizers.
  10. No alcoholic drinks or other intoxication will be allowed during the program or in the hotel, you stay for a pageant.
  11. Your registration will be canceled without refund for any miss behavior during the pageant.
  12. Your photos, posts, videos, and other subsequent materials can be used by organizers for promotion on a social media platform like Facebook, What’s App, Instagram, etc.
  13. The candidate can be divorced, widowed, married, with or without children, separated single mother.
  14. 100% pure vegetarian meal will be served, non-vegetarian meals are not allowed.
  15. The schedule of events and qualification rounds are subject to change at the organizers.
  16. The organizers have all the right to cancel, reschedule, postpone and amendment of the show.
  17. Registration fees and pageant fees once paid not refundable nor transferable to another candidate.
  18. All the legal dispute will be subject to Surat, Gujarat jurisdiction only.
  19. The participant has to bear all the traveling expenses before, during and after the program.
  20. The participant has to pay the finale fees separately.
  21. Any type of vulgarity in dress will not be allowed in pageant. We strongly maintain the image & dignity of females.

Declaration :

  1. All the terms and conditions written here are read, understood and accepted by me in my mother tongue and local language and the language which I understand, with the consent of all my family members I have taken this decision.
  2. The courts of surat jurisdiction have jurisdiction over all disputes.